Pregnancy Diet: Do’s and Don’ts

Pregnancy Diet: Do’s and Don’ts

Eating well is paramount if you are to have a healthy pregnancy and baby at the end of nine months. Most times, you will be advised to maintain a diet that gives your baby all the nutrients it needs plus a lot of fluids to keep you hydrated. Even so, there is some pregnancy diet information that is not emphasized but is still important for both mother and baby.

Pregnancy Diet Do’s

• Eat a variety of foods

Eating meals that have ingredients from a number of different food groups give your baby nutrients that help with all round development. It also helps your baby interact with a variety of tastes in the amniotic fluid.

• Take prenatal supplements

Supplements such as folic acid should be taken as prescribed by your doctor as it helps prevent the development of neural defects as the baby develops in the womb. Other doctors also recommend intake of vitamin or mineral supplements as well.

Pregnancy Diet Don’t

• Consume unpasteurized dairy products

Although the majority of calcium nutrients are found in milk products, it is advisable to avoid raw milk as it contains bacteria that can harm your pregnancy. The bacteria known as Listeria can cause miscarriages and even be fatal to a mother.

• Go hungry for an extended time period

Eating regularly helps your body provide necessary nutrients to your baby and maintain the levels of blood sugar. When your sugar levels are good, you have no chances of getting light headed or experiencing heartburn that is common in pregnancy.


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