Egg and Hot dog fried rice recipe

The thought of using hot-dogs for fried rice may seem odd, but it is actually very good. Using Spam instead of hot-dogs is also very good in this recipe.
Egg and Hot dog fried rice
↪Grated carrots.
↪Sliced hoho {I only had green but use red & yellow too for more color}.
↪Diced hot-dog.
↪2 Eggs.
↪Soy sauce.
↪Ready made rice.
Egg and Hot dog fried rice recipe ingredients

Melt some butter in a wok or large hollow pan {you can use any type of oil}. Add your beaten & salted eggs once butter is melted &  hot.
Using a spatula scramble them up. Add the hot dogs {Keep the fire at medium high}. Add the carrots & hoho. Heat the rice & add it in. Also, add a dash of soy sauce.
Mix everything up. Serve it up, garnish& you're ready to eat!!

DELICIOUS!!! This will be a staple in my house from now on!! You may omit the eggs if you so wish. Plates were licked clean by hubby, me and daughter!!


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