Why you need to drink at least one smoothie a day

A smoothie done right provides two fold benefits—uses whole foods and improves water consumption. The base liquid for the smoothie should always be water, over sugar liquids such as juice or coconut water.

The basic recipe for the perfect Smoothie:

  • a piece of fruit – apple, banana or berries
  • choose a healthy fat – nuts, seeds or avocado
  • at least 1 vegetable – baby spinach has virtually no taste and works in almost any combination, or try a sweet carrot, celery is also a good option (and gradually work in some kale).
  • protein – although you will get protein from the healthy fats, you can add in some tofu or protein powder. 
  • water – to provide a smooth consistency. 

Enjoy right away, as often these smoothies are fiber rich and thicken up fast.

Quick and Easy way to do this:

Have a daily scheduled smoothie time — for our household, it’s around 4:30 pm. Make it a family affair by sitting down and drinking the smoothie with the kids. The sit-down smoothie builds great nutritional habits as children often emulate adults, and more likely to continue drinking a “green” based mixture. Also, introducing different vegetables in liquid combination further expands food variety and nutritional profile of each family member. The smoothie process is fairly fast but can be further improved by prepping desired ingredients in zip-lock bags and storing them in the freezer. Simply place one in the blender and add water.


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