Healthy Living is About Eating “Real” Food

Healthy Living is About Eating “Real” Food

Food is fuel for the body. Each one of us puts unique demands on the body, to obtain desired performance. Individual stress may be different but the basic functions and mechanics of the human body are very much the same. We all need energy to breath, walk, and sleep. However, how well you can breath after running a mile or how your body feels in the morning after sleep, depends on – nutrients available to your body for recovery and re-building. Food energy is readily available, hence our expanding waistlines, but the nutrients we need for performance come from “real” food.

What is “REAL” Food?

Food is all around us, from chocolate bars in clothing stores to soda at gas stations. Take-out places and restaurants are often lined up for our picking. For most of us, grocery stores are a stone's throw away. So, with such easy access to food, do you ever wonder why we are so unhealthy? In reality, most of us always have something in our mouth or hand, be it a drink like coffee or vitamin water, to a snack like a donut or a wrap. If food is energy, then why are we so lethargic, while having easy access to it? The reason is that modern day food is not “real” – nutrient-rich. Most of us are not even meeting the required nutrition needs, let alone attaining numbers closer to optimum nutrition.

Real food is natural as nature intended. Some processing is necessary in today’s times but completely recreating a food product to increase profits – has no benefit to your health. Real food includes fruits, vegetables, grains, meats that will spoil with time. A bread that can sit on the counter for weeks without spoiling will unlikely meet your nutritional needs. Our philosophy is, if it’s not good enough for bacteria to eat, then it isn’t a food source for humans.

Bottom Line

Starting your journey towards healthy lifestyle begins in your kitchen. Cook more at home – using whole vegetables, grain, and legumes. Substitute whole fruits for juices. Drink water instead of soda. These are just some things to get you started. However, such statements are often easier said than done; as reality being us addicted to take-out for its taste, convenience and affordability. A step-by-step process is required to set up new habits that are attainable while being palatable, convenient and affordable.


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