Can you lose Belly fat by Running or jogging? The answer may Surprise you!

I often get asked, Does running burn off the tummy fat, well, the short answer to this, is yes it can. Everyone really wants to have a very firm a flat stomach but it is extremely hard if your stomach is fully covered of abdominal fat. The only problem is usually that you’ve got limited time and energy and also you have to be certain that you’re burning as much fat as possible.

Does running burn belly fat?

Since I have just said the time is really minimal for the people and each person desperately wish to burn fat around your belly and they also want quick results they simply can’t hold on for a longer time to observe the outcomes of exercises on their own bodies. Most traditional workout routine stake longer to see results than a lot of people are willing to commit toSo here are some tips for you that burning belly fat fast is incomplete without giving an account of certain exercises that is great assistance to you. 

Cardio vascular exercises, also called aerobic exercises are usually opted exercises for burning excess calories. The most popular cardio exercises are cycling, jumping, skipping, jogging or running, brisk walking, climbing, hiking etc.

Running is an incredible cardio workout because it brings into motion almost every single muscle group, your upper as well as lower body both equally takes part in the motion hence the fat reduction effect can be substantialBelly fat burns really quick when you do cardio workouts but it surely doesn’t mean that it only melts away belly out of your stomach, you actually can’t choose which part of your body will burn fat when you where working out. This might have been nice for you to achieve this, but it’s simply not the caseWhat exactly does happen is that if you workout intensively, in this case running, you will burn lots of fat and calories from the body including your abs as well.

My suggestion for you to lose your belly is that you should run on daily basis at least 30 to 45 minutes. To maximize the resultsyou may also do interval training workouts along with the running, and that will need you to combine sprinting with slow steady cardioNormally the one way you can get running to be directly linked to the abdominal muscles though and this is by sprinting. Sprinting gets your muscles taut and hard, so make sure that you sprint frequently.

I love running myself personally and do it a few times each week. Keep in mind that, running burns belly fat and it has helped me a lot in my quest to lose weight and get fit and I’m sure it would help you to However; running is only 1 piece of the puzzle in terms of getting flat absIn addition, you need to carefully watch your food consumption.

Dietary routines

If you think maybe exercises alone will bid a goodbye to belly fat, then it is extremely important to inform you that dietary routines are as vital as the exercises. So, here are a few handy diets for you.

Red meat

Red meat is full of protein so it will help you to shed extra pounds but you should keep an eye on your daily diet plus your protein intake to.

Vegetables and fruits

Fresh fruits and vegetables are really important for us because the power of fruits and vegetables is definitely undisputed. Vegetables and fruits are full of energy and consist of important minerals and vitamins to keep your body healthy.


Fish can help you burn fat because it contains lots of fatty acids that really help in burning fat. Those who eat fish regularly, takes in Omega-3 that could be only found in fish and helps in reduce fat all over the body.

Spicy food and your belly

Many people love spices and for your information, spices also help in burning fat. With spices your liver tries to burn the excessive fat.


The simplest way to get rid of belly fat” and many dieticians would undoubtedly recommend you to definitely eat OatmealThese have necessary proteinswhich makes it a perfect belly fat reducing food.



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