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Can you lose Belly fat by Running or jogging? The answer may Surprise you!

I often get asked, Does running burn off the tummy fat, well, the short answer to this, is yes it can. Everyone really wants to have a very firm a flat stomach but it is extremely hard if your stomach is fully covered of abdominal fat. The only problem is usually that you’ve got limited time and energy and also you have to be certain that you’re burning as much fat as possible . Does running burn belly fat? Since I have just said the time is really minimal for the people and each person desperately wish to burn fat around your belly and they also want quick results they simply can’t hold on for a longer time to observe the outcomes of exercises on their own bodies . Most traditional   workout routine stake longer to see results   than   a lot of people  are  willing to commit to .  So here are some tips for you that burning belly fat fast is incomplete without giving an account of certain exercises that is great assistance to you.  Cardio vascular exercises, also called aerobic exercis

Body Odor - 22 Best and Simple Natural Home Remedies for Body Odor

Body odor is an unpleasant odor that comes out from our body. The reasons of body odor may vary from person to person and it depends on various factors such as gender, bacterial infections, heredity etc. Body spray, scent and deo help you to temporarily control body odor, they often don't tackle the principal cause of body odor.  So you need more natural home remedies to handle the problem and there are numerous natural home remedies can help cure unpleasant body odor and it gives you a fresh fragrance. Surprising causes of Body Odor 1.     Wrong choice of clothes  – Wearing tight & synthetic cloth s , 2.     Medical conditions   such as t hyroid, diabetes, high insulin, Trimethylaminuria  etc. 3 .     Wrong eating habits 4.     Too much alcohol & tobacco intake 5.     Genetic reasons 1. Lemon Lemon contains vitamin C and citric acid. Citric acid kills underarm bacteria and prevents body odor, vitamin C keeps your skin nourished. Lemon is the perfect and effective natural d