Acupressure to Relieve Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue & Stress

Acupressure can provide relief instantly for anxiety or stress when one is at home or in office or stuck in heavy traffic. We will discuss about certain points that one can massage to reduce their stress, tension and anxiety. If one massages these points, they would get faster relief. 

One need not massage all the points. Simply pressing one or two important points when they are free can be very effective.

Here are certain acupuncture points that one can use and ideas to identify such points in their body. They need not use all the points every time they have symptoms. However, they can experiment with these points and determine which ever work better for them.

PC 6

You have to measure three fingers beginning from your wrist. The point where the third finger touches the midpoint of your wrist is the acupuncture point.

1.    Using the thumb, apply steady pressure to this point until there is a mild discomfort. Pressure should be applied just enough to disturb the normal flow of blood but at the same time it shouldn't cause pain.

2.    Hold at this point and knead gently with your thumb in a circular motion. Continue this tight motion for around 2 minutes.

This should be done to both your wrists and definitely you will feel your anxiety decrease instantly. This acupressure point is also good for nausea.

Conception Vessel 22

This is also referred to as CV22.

1.    You have to move the fingers backwards up to the collar bone identifying the valley between the two bony protrusions.

2.    Press gently with the index and fore fingers such that you can feel the top of the breast bone. This point is referred to as the "Yin Regulator".

3.    Close your eyes take deep breaths and gently press this point for 2 minutes.



Identify the point where the wrist meets your hand. Apply gentle pressure with the thumb at this point. Hold at this point for two minutes and apply pressure generously. It relives one from tension.


1.    Sit crossing your legs one over the other and foot should be rested on the knee. Between the second and third toe, draw a straight line downwards, using your thumb, until you reach around one third on your way down towards the foot.

2.    Push steadily on the center of the foot (refer to the given picture). This should be held firmly and kneaded for 2 minutes or more.

3.    Repeat this on the other foot as well. You will definitely feel relaxed and your anxiety levels will decrease.


Using your forefinger and thumb, massage your ears gently. On your ears, there are no specific pressure points and you can do this to relax yourself.

Gently pull down the lobes and massage the inner surface of your ears for about two to three minutes. This will make you feel calm and soothed.


This point is located on the collar bone. Along the collar bone, feel to the center of your throat. 

You can identify two bony protrusions on either side. Now, keep your fingers on each protrusion and slide away from the center for about half a finger's width. You can feel a small valley big enough for the tip of the index finger. 

Close your eyes take deep breaths and press this point for around 2 minutes.



This point also referred to as the "Gate of Hope", can be found between the ribs that are below your nipple. This spot is tender and it is easy to find the correct spot.  Take deep breaths and massage gently for a minute or two.


You can feel a small valley when you slide your fingers through the breast bone. Using the index and fore fingers, hold to this point.

Close your eyes, take deep breaths and press this point gently for around two minutes.

Acupressure at this point relieves anxiety, reduces depression and pain attacks.

Kidney point # 4
K4 is a point that you can find on the inside both your legs above the top of the ankle bones, at about two fingers' width.  This point should be pressed for around two minutes on both your legs, with closed eyes and taking deep breaths at the same time. This will reduce anxiety and panic attacks.

St 16

Gently slide your hands at the space between your ribs above your nipples. This is often referred to as the "Breast Window" Close your eyes, take deep breaths and hold this point for around two minutes. You can feel your emotional distress ease.

Breathing deeply

This is something that one should practice as much as possible. Deep breaths start when one inhales. It begins at the lower belly completely filling it with the breath taken in. After this it fills the middle abdomen and then the lungs.

When one exhales, the breath from the lungs get released first, then from the middle abdomen and then finally it gets released from the lower belly. 

This should be practiced continuously with full consciousness.


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