15 Simple Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat at Home - Fastest Way to Lose Belly Fat - 2

8. Rolling Plank Exercise

This exercise targets the abdominal muscles, hip muscles, and lower back muscles.

1.     Get down on the floor with your elbows and your knees resting on the mat.
2.     Ensure that your neck is in alignment with your spine and look in front.
3.     Raise your knees and support your legs on your toes.
4.     While breathing normally, keep your knees together. This is known as the plank pose. Hold the pose for ½ minute.

Move to-and-fro for the next ½ min. This is known as the rolling plank exercise.

1.     Lie down on your side on the ground.
2.     Support your body weight on your right elbow and leg. Keep your elbow at right angles to your shoulder. Your left leg should be placed above your right leg, and both legs should be kept together.
3.     Do not touch the ground with your hips and keep your knees straight.
4.     Retain this position for ½ minute. After a certain amount of practice, you can hold the pose for 1-2 minutes.
5.     Repeat the exercise using the other side.

To make the exercise more challenging, raise the top leg and gently lower it. This will target the muscles of your thighs and hips as well as the abs.

9. The Stomach Vacuum

The stomach vacuum is an exercise that has low impact and focuses on your breathing pattern instead of raising your heart beat rate.

A. Resembling the cat stretch pose, this exercise is also called the four-point, transverse-abdominal stomach vacuum exercise. Here are the steps to perform this exercise:

1.    While supporting your body using your hands and knees, sit on the floor on all four limbs.
2.    Deeply inhale and relax the muscles of your abdomen.
3.    Tighten the muscles of your abdomen while exhaling.
4.    Retain the contracted pose of the abdomen for 15-30 seconds.
5.    Repeat the exercise.

B. A variant of the stomach vacuum exercise is known as elevators. Follow the steps given below to perform this exercise:

1.    Pretend that your stomach is an elevator that is going up. Sit down on a chair.
2.    Take a deep breath using your nose and imagine that you have reached the first floor.
3.    Exhale through your mouth and at the same time, push your stomach inward, toward your spine. Imagine you have reached the fifth floor.
4.    Quickly breathe out 5 times and contract your abdominal muscles every time you exhale.
5.    Repeat the above steps 5 times.

C. Standing pelvic tilts are another variant of the stomach vacuum exercise. The steps:

1.    Stand with your legs apart at hip width. Bend your knees a little.
2.    Breathe in deeply through your nose. Pull in your stomach and simultaneously, push out your hips.
3.    Repeat the exercise for 5-6 sets.

10. Captain’s Chair

This is a simple stomach fat-burning exercise that only involves a chair.

1.    While sitting on a chair, ensure that your shoulders are loose and your spinal cord is straight.
2.    Place both hands next to you with your palms facing downward, by your hips.
3.    Take a deep breath.
4.    While exhaling, raise your legs up such that your knees are drawn close to your chest.
5.    Hold this pose for 5 seconds.  Ensure that you do not arch your back or bend forward.
6.    Lower your legs slowly.
7.    Repeat the exercise.

11. Bending Side to Side

One of the best exercises to reduce the size of your waist, bending side-to-side burns stomach fat as well.

1.    Stand straight and keep your feet together. Stretch your hands over your head and bring the palms together in the universal gesture of “namastey.”
2.    Bend your body to the right as far as possible, while keeping your feet firmly on the ground. You should feel a tug at your waist.
3.    Hold this posture for 15 seconds and then return to the original standing position.
4.    Bend to the left in the same way and hold the position for 15 seconds.
5.    With time, you can increase the retaining time of the exercise to 30 seconds.

13. Walking

Walking briskly for ½ hour every day for at least 5 times every week will help you gradually lose weight. This exercise has a low impact and provides good exercise for the heart, in addition to revving up the body’s metabolism.

14. Jogging

Once you have become a master at speed walking, you can begin jogging. This activity will help quickly break down the extra fat stored in the body, including excess stomach fat.

15. Running

Running is a popular activity that helps the heart beat faster, burn more calories as compared to walking and jogging, and lose extra stomach fat.



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