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Best Home remedy for Weakness, Anemia and Weight Gain - Part 1

1. Pomegranate Pomegranate is known as super fruit, as it has lots of nutritional value. It is loaded with proteins, carbohydrate, fiber, fat and balance amount of sugar (glucose). And more significantly, it has high amount of iron and calcium. Pomegranate also includes minerals such as potassium and copper. Consumption of Pomegranate increases hemoglobin naturally in our blood and increases healthy blood flow. You should try Pomegranate to get rid of typical symptoms of anemia like weakness, tiredness, faintness and fatigue.   1. Prepare juice from 1 medium size Pomegranate and drink it in the morning on n empty stomach. Do this for 2-3 weeks for best result or you can drink it once or twice a day. 2. Eat Pomegranate fruit daily to overcome anemia.   2. Sesame Seeds Sesame seeds are another excellent natural remedy that treat anemia. The black sesame seeds are wealthy source of iron; it contains more iron than white seeds. Remedy 1 Take 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds and Soak them in le

Increase Hemoglobin levels naturally - 15 Best Natural home remedies for Anemia - 2

5. Eggs Egg yolk is very beneficial to improve hemoglobin level. Eggs are loaded with iron, proteins, amino acid, vitamins and minerals.  Regular consumption of eggs can prevent symptoms associated with anemia/low hemoglobin such as numbness, hair loss, headache etc. It gives energy to the body in anemia. Eat 2-4 eggs every day. Boil it or fry it, include it in your daily diet. 6. Chicken Chicken contains vitamin B, calcium which is very crucial for improving hemoglobin levels in the blood cells. Consumption of chicken increases immunity; support proper functioning of nervous system, strengthens the bones and overall health. 7. Legumes Legumes re the excellent energy sources to the body in anemia, it helps in weakness, increases muscle tone, improves memory, and support proper functioning of brain. Legumes such as chickpeas, kidney beans, white beans, dried beans, pintos, limas contains high amount of iron, B complex vitamins and proteins, these nutrition is very beneficial in treatmen

18 Surprising Benefits of Olive oil for Skin Care - 2

.   10. Removes makeup Olive oil is mild and does not sting when used around the eye area, unlike harsh cosmetic makeup removers.  It is a good option for people with sensitive skin. To deal with the oily residue after applying olive oil, you can wash your face with a suitable face wash after removing makeup. This process will make sure that no residues of make up remain on the skin. 11. home-made makeup cleanser You can make a home-made makeup remover or makeup cleanser using olive oil and castor oil. Depending on the type of skin you have, you can decide the quantity of olive oil and castor oil required. If your skin is dry, take more olive oil than castor oil. However, if your skin is oily, take more castor oil and less olive oil. 12. Prevents premature ageing Certain antioxidants present in olive oil, namely hydroxytyrosol and vitamin E forestall premature ageing since they prevent cell degeneration in the skin. Squalene, a substance present in olive oil, maintains the elasticity o