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30 Natural Home Remedies to Improve Appetite (Anemia, Anorexia, Weight Gain) - Part 1

Losing appetite decreases the body’s resistance power and could ingest the organisms in one’s body that leads to slowing down of the natural healing process of their body. Several reasons contribute to the loss of appetite, ranging from as small as cold or flu to bigger issues such as tuberculosis, low thyroid levels or even heart/ liver/ lung disorder. At the same time, it need not be due to some physical issues but could also be due to emotional or spiritual issues. Loss of appetite or Anorexia could have an impact on one’s overall health in an overdramatic and a dangerous manner. This anorexia occurs primarily due to bad eating practices and is especially developed or experienced by women who get tempted to cut down their weight in extreme ways. Women who try to become size zero (where being thin is not at all enough) often experience anorexia. They try to reduce weight extremely – feeling as if they could lose another inch even if they have lost considerable weight.  It is essenti

Is Honey good or bad for Diabetes, Pregnancy, Children?

How much honey should you consume every day? Children For children who are lesser than one year old, it is recommended that they should not be given honey unless it has been certified that it is free of spores.  It is better not to give honey to children under one year since they will be sensitive to specific microorganisms which might be present in honey. In certain rare cases, these organisms might cause serious problems to which adults would be immune to. For children between the age of one and three, we can give two to four small spoons of honey a day. For children between three and six years, we can give four to six small spoons per day. Children over 6 years should consume up to 5 small teaspoons of honey per day and teenagers must consume up to 8-10 teaspoons of honey per day (approximately to 50-70g) Adults Honey has the similar characteristics to that of sugar – such as the sweetness and chemical structure. Hence, the suggested serving quantity of honey is the same as that o

28 Natural Home Remedies for High Cholesterol - Part 1

The usual indicators of high levels of cholesterol in blood include common fatigue, over sweating and a feel of discomfort, pain and heaviness in the chest and breathlessness. Smoking and consuming alcohol in excess, consumption of high fat foods, obesity and inheritance factors are some of the usual causes for high levels of cholesterol. Nevertheless, high cholesterol levels can be restricted using specific home remedies. Here are few points on treating high cholesterol levels at home – naturally: 1. Coriander Seeds Coriander has the capability to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and triglycerides. These coriander seeds even have hypoglycemic properties and can have positive impact on diabetes management. 1.     Add 2 tablespoons of coriander seeds or coriander seed powder in a glass of water. 2.     Boil this mixture, allow it to cool. Strain this water and drink it three times a day. 3.     You can also add 1 tablespoon of honey instead of sugar and half teaspoon of cardamom pow