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Hair care for Summer: Best Home Remedies for Your Hair

Hair care for Summer  The summers, apart from the incessant heat bring in its wake a host of hair problems. Heat from the sun degrades the protective protein in hair which oxidizes the color to a brassy hue, wipes out shine, and leaves hair brittle. On top of that, Ultra violet rays, dry wind and sweat can worsen the condition! But don't worry! We have some natural home made solutions for you!  Find in this post, some summer hair care remedies using all natural ingredients that would effectively defend hair in the hot weather. These home remedies would also help combat all the hair plights, provide protection from UV rays and make your hair look  fabulous! Home Remedies for Hair Care Soak fuller’s earth in water overnight. Add 2 tablespoonful of curd to it to make a paste. Apply this mixture to your scalp and hair. Wash with water after an hour to attain soft, shiny and healthy hair. For keeping your hair moisturized and protected from sun rays, combine equal parts of aloe vera ge

12 Unbelievable Adverse Side Effects of Lemon Juice - 2

. 6. Promotes decaying of teeth Due to the high content of citric acid in lemon juice, the enamel, which is the hard outer covering of teeth, can get corroded and thus, the teeth may decay. This results in the teeth getting stained and the formation of cavities.  To ensure that lemon juice does not damage teeth, one should mix it with other liquids or with water to reduce the power of the acid in it. 7. May cause renal failure Lemon juice benefits the kidneys by helping in the dissolution of kidney stones. However, research studies have found that a 30% concentrated solution of lemon juice can encourage the absorption of mannitol in the body. This, in turn, could lead to excessive urine formation, with the result that the electrolyte balance in the body is seriously disturbed. When severe, this could lead to renal failure. 8. Unsafe for pregnant or breastfeeding women Pregnant women and breastfeeding women should not drink large quantities of lemon juice because it can interfere with t

Effective Home Remedies to Treat Body Odor

Effective Home Remedies to Treat Body Odor Excessive sweating and body odor is a problem that can affect a person's confidence and self-esteem.  Body odor develops when the sweat combines with the bacteria on the skin. The body produces sweat in certain circumstances such as in hot weather, during physical activity or in response to anger or fear.  Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is a medical condition that can account for strong and persistent body odor. Not only is this very embarrassing and may not just be a sign poor hygiene but of a more serious health associated problems such as diabetes, lung diseases, high blood pressure, anxiety disorders and tuberculosis. Although commercial advertisements of chemical body sprays, deodorants and antiperspirants may help to temporarily control the odor, but this may not be the solution you are looking for. You may want a more natural and effective remedy to manage and treat the problem. Herbal home remedies have proven to be beneficial

Effective Home Remedies for Boils that Really Work!

Boil is a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue in the skin. It starts as a small, red, painful nodule and gradually increases in size. After some time, this area becomes firmer while the center gets filled with white pus. Boils are tender to touch and can be very painful. These may appear on various body parts like head, face, breast, scalp, back, groin, underarms and buttocks. Boil can appear either single or collectively on the skin. Boils are highly contagious and are caused by the bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus . These bacteria enter into the body through the hair follicle or  via  small cuts on the skin. Boils are also caused due to blocked sweat glands. Some other reasons of this skin problem are diabetes, poor nutrition, poor hygiene, poor immune system, excessive caffeine or alcohol consumption, chemotherapy and exposure to harsh chemicals. Boils rarely require medical attention and can be relieved with natural remedies, but often resolve on their own. The

How to Remove Suntan Naturally: Most Effective Home Remedies!

Remove Suntan Naturally with Effective Home Tips Suntan is one of the major skin problems   during the summer  season.   Due to sun exposure, melanin content   in the skin  increases and makes the skin tone darker. Even after applying sunscreen and using an umbrella for protection against harmful UV rays, one cannot escape tanning. Do you know that there are many home remedies that you can make use of to get rid of skin tanning? Though the remedies are surely effective but remember, it may take at least a week of treatment to obtain noticeable results and to get your natural skin tone back.  In this post, learn about some useful age-old herbal remedies to treat suntan and enjoy summers with a beautifully glowing fair skin. Beneficial Home Remedies for Suntan Soak a pinch of saffron in milk cream overnight and blend it in the same next morning. Massage the skin with this mixture for a flawless skin. It is one of the beneficial remedies for suntan too. Take a tablespoon of curd and mix w


12. Curry Leaves, Multani mitti Take 10-12 dry curry leaves and crush them to make fine powder. Mix half teaspoon dried curry leaf powder with 1 tablespoon of multani mitti (fuller’s earth), add enough raw milk in it to make a smooth paste and apply on your face. Leave it on for 30 minutes and wash off with normal water. Follow this once a day for 2-3 weeks. 13. Avoid soap, use Coconut water/ besan Avoid soap and other chemical based face wash to cleanse your face, Mix 1-2 tablespoon of green gram powder (besan) with 4-5 tablespoon of coconut water, make thick paste and apply on your face, gently massage your face with this paste for 5-10 minutes, leave it on for more 30 minutes and then rinse off with normal water.  Combination of gram flour and fresh coconut water works as natural scrubber, gentle massage with this paste removes blackheads, whiteheads, dirt and other impurities from the skin and makes your skin soft and glowing. Use this paste to wash your face every day.  OR apply