Several studies reveal some condom use errors. Here are some helpful facts to keep in mind while using condoms to increase your pleasure and to prevent sexual diseases and uncomfortableness:

1. Use latex condoms because only latex condoms provides the finest protection against STDs

2. Always check the expiry date of condoms, as condoms have a shelf life - 3 years with spermicidal, 5 years without spermicide.

3. If your condom doesn’t have a reservoir tip, pinch the tip adequate to leave a ½ inch space for semen to accumulate. Leave ½ extra room at the tip, it gives comfort and accommodate semen. Not too tight, not too loose.

4. Apply only water based lubricants, something else can damage the latex condoms. Apply extra lubricants, as it has several benefits, it increases compassion and sexual pleasure for both partners and it prevents the condom from tearing from friction.

5. Store condoms properly. Do not carry a condom in your back pocket; a shirt’s pocket or protective case, purse, drawer is best to keep it.

6. Always use the tear strip to open the condom packets, never open the condom package with your teeth.

7. If you experience a condom break, split or tear, discontinue intercourse and withdraw the condom immediately.

8. There are basically 3 sizes of condoms available – standard size, contoured size, and large size (2 mm larger than standard size). Wear right size of condom to avoid slip off during sexual intercourse. If condom is too small or tight, it may split or tear and if condom is too large, it will make uncomfortable to both partners and both cases are unprotective.

9. After opening the condom package, get the rolled edge and unroll it a wee bit adding few drops of extra lubricant on the inside. This method prevents the condom from sticking to the skin.

10. Always use new condom for each sexual intercourse. Never reuse condom. Select the right kind of condoms to prevent sexual disease.

11. Put the condom on when the penis is erect (hard) and but put it on before sexual penetration.

12. After intercourse remove the condom from the penis properly, pull it off gently and carefully, do not let the semen spill out.

13. Before the penis gets soft and flexible after ejaculation, hold the edge of the condom and carefully withdraw from your partner.

14. Wrap up the used condoms in a tissue or plastic bag and throw it away in the garbage where others won't touch it, and wash your hands properly with hand wash or soap. Never flush them down the toilet/bathroom, as condoms can cause problems in sewers,

15. Use the condom in correct way, from start to finish.

Remember, condoms not only prevent STDs, it can help enhance the pleasure if utilized properly.


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