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How to Maintain Ideal Body Weight

Looks may not be everything! Maintaining an ideal weight range is equally important for an attractive personality and a healthier you! Maintaining healthy weight also contributes to increased feelings of joy and strength, and to greater self-esteem.  Learn in this post, ways to keep a check on your weight via eating balanced diet, following regular exercise and some of the beneficial herbal remedies to shed off extra pounds off your body. A balanced diet and any form of exercise plays a vital role in reducing as well as maintaining a normal weight. One should eat a diet good in green vegetables and fresh fruits. Some of the fat burning spices such as black pepper, long pepper, mustard, ginger, cinnamon and cayenne should be added to the meals or used in preparations. Reduce the intake of salt & carbohydrate rich, high calorie foods (eg. rice, potatoes). Having vegetable soup or eating papaya at dinner time is helpful in reducing weight. Eating a cabbage salad also helps reduce weig

Moisturizing tips for Dry, Oily Skin. Look younger, Repair damaged skin naturally.

Skin and face moisturizer is very essential factor in skin care nourishment. Normally our skin loses moisture when exposed to the sun and cold conditions. Regular moisturizing the skin and application of defensive moisturizers is very essential on regular basis. People with all kinds of skin must keep the skin hydrated.  Moisturizer gives protection to our skin against environmental damages. Different kind of skin requires different moisturizers and the levels of hydration. Moisturizer hydrates our skin effectively. It makes it soft, glowing and healthy. There are many chemical based moisturizers are accessible in the market. Some of these chemicals can be damaging to the skin.  The moisturizer has to maintain the skin hydrated but should not block the skin pores. Skin absorbs the moisturizer so try to apply natural skin moisturizers.  You can make several natural face moisturizers for skin at home easily. Before this try to follow below tips to keep your skin moisturized and healthy.