1. Banana

Bananas are reasonably low in calories and fat. Banana contains vitamin B6, folic acid. Fiber is a vital nutrition in banana, as fiber helps to keep you feeling enough, longer and it prevents eating too much at future meals.

Bananas contain a lot of insoluble carbohydrate called "resistant starch”, which has great ability to initiate fat burning. Moreover banana contains enzymes that help in digestion & improves body metabolism. Bananas are rich in fiber, fructose and glucose. Therefore, it is digested easily and absorbed quickly.

  • Elaichi bananas are better than the yellow bananas. But the dotted yellow bananas are better than the elaichi banana.

  • Eat 1 banana in your breakfast and 1 banana after lunch & dinner respectively.

  • Raw bananas can be best substitute for potatoes in your daily meals. That will significantly cut down your calorie count.

2. Papaya 

Papaya is rich in vitamin A, B, C, antioxidants, carotene, fiber, potassium, magnesium, pantothenic acid and folate. Papaya is cholesterol free, fat free, high in fiber and very low in calories. People suffering from heart disease, can eat papaya for weight loss and to improve their cholesterol levels and reduce their weight. 

The vitamins and minerals in papaya are great boosters for metabolism. Regular consumption of papaya speeds up the rate of metabolism, your body use fat deposits fast to produce energy. In this procedure, loss of fat cells imparts you a leaner and more toned body.

  • Make slices of the papaya & store in refrigerator so you can consume it quickly; sprinkle some black pepper on it to improve the taste. Get a papaya which is ripe and ready to eat. 

  • Mix papaya with other fruits in salad and you can also add raw unripe papaya in vegetables in your diet. 

  • Papaya can provide up to 25% of daily fiber intake. In this way, you can use papaya for weight loss as a snack food. 

  • Eat papaya slices with pinch of salt or black pepper with your meal, papaya contains excellent enzyme called papain, dynamically aids in the digestion of proteins, which is very essential factor in decrease appetite and maintain energy levels. 

  • You can also make papaya jam adding other low calories fruits. Add some black pepper & lemon juice in jam & eat with roti, chapattis as breakfast and snacks. You can also make papaya sauce, pickles. Make it & store in refrigerator so you can consume it anytime.

  • Papaya also helps in rejuvenate the eyes, fight against colon cancer, and decreases inflammation in the joints.  Papaya is very useful in arthritis and other types of internal joint swelling.


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