12 Drinks that can help you Lose more weight - 2


6. Water 

Weight-loss plans are ineffective without regular consumption of water. 

It is recommended that 2 cups of water be drunk before every meal, thus making you feel full and prevent you from cramming in more calories than you intended. Water also promotes proper digestion of food.

7. Lime Mint Cooler

The lemon in this cooler promotes proper digestion, whereas the mint inhibits those hunger pangs. Drinking lime mint coolers will help you avoid mid-meal unhealthy snacking.

8. Vegetable Broth

Vegetable broth not only tastes good, but is healthy as well. It can be made using your choice of vegetables or soup. Since it has very few calories, it can be consumed in a larger volume without the fear of gaining weight.

9. Skim Milk

Skimmed milk contains the same amount of protein as ordinary milk. However, it has only 0.5% of the amount of fat in whole milk. Skimmed milk helps one feel full for long and provides all the various nutrients required by the body.

10. Smoothies

Smoothies are a quick, tasty, and healthy option when you’re unable to eat a well-balanced breakfast due to various reasons. You should use any one of the following as the base for smoothies – skimmed milk, low-fat milk, non-fat milk, or Greek yoghurt. Although it is considered to be better to eat fruits raw, squeezing their juice and drinking them without sweeteners can help you shed some weight.

11. Black Coffee

Black coffee has dual benefits: it inhibits one’s appetite and provides immediate energy. Coffee has a substance called caffeine which gives rise to a process called thermogenesis. This helps speed up the body’s metabolism rate and burn many more calories.

12. Orange juice

Orange juice, the richest source of vitamin C, is a good option for weight loss programs. It is better if you ate an orange whole, however, drinking orange juice refreshes the body whenever it is drunk.

Thus, these simple and efficient tips can be incorporated in one’s daily routine to help one lose weight significantly. For supplementation with herbal weight-loss products that are completely safe to consume, you can look up this space.



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