1. Never skip any meal

You should not skip any meal; try to eat very small meals/green snacks (snacks like fruit salad, veg salad) in every 2-3 hours. Also, drink a glass of boiled water 30-45 minutes after every meal. Avoid eating between meals. 

2. Drink lukewarm water

Try to drink lot of lukewarm water instead of normal & cold water. Drink plenty of warm water. Avoid eating between meals. 

3. Avoid heavy meals after 7 pm

Don’t eat heavy meals after 7 pm. Eat your dinner on time; never eat late as it causes indigestion of food.

4. Eat at regular intervals

Eat something within 45 minutes after getting up in the morning. Arranging the meals & snacks evenly for entire day is the most efficient technique to lose weight. Eating mini-meals will increase your metabolism and controls your craving. Do not keep big period gap between your meals and snacks. Failing to eat on regular interval reduces the metabolism. Big gap between your meals and snacks will leads to overeat.

5. Honey & Cinnamon

Drink lukewarm water with 1 teaspoon oh honey & half teaspoon of cinnamon on empty stomach when you wake up. Also drink this water 30 minutes before taking heavy meals, lunch, dinner.

6. Avoid sugar

Sugar is found in nearly every artificial food product, in the sweets, bread, sauces, cereal, ready meals, cold drinks, energy drinks, soups, etc. Avoid sugar & use honey, but use it less because honey is very sweeter than processed table sugar.

7. Eat bitter vegetables

If you can’t resist eating rice then just cook rice in extra water & in unlocked (open) pot & throw away that surplus water. Eat more bitter vegetables such as bitter gourd, kale, radish, arugula, asparagus, celery, Watercress, Collard greens, Bok Choy etc

In Ayurveda, bitter foods are considered to reduce food cravings and helps in weight loss. Chop the bitter gourd and soak them in salted water for 5 minutes, this will reduce the bitterness in the bitter gourd.

8. Reduce the calorie intake 

Reduce the calorie intake and increase exercise levels. Add healthy low calorie, low fat foods such as fruits, vegetables (low starch ones), lean meats and some high fiber foods as tolerated.

9. Exercise

Go for fast walk for 30 minutes every day or do weight exercise for 30 minutes, followed by intake of a Carrot juice instead of other expensive energy drinks.

10. Wrong eating time

Eating food, snacks at the wrong time, for example eating late at night, may cause weight gain. The big & heavy meal supposed to be eaten at midday when the digestion is strongest. 

11. Wrong habits

Never make your tummy full of food as it reduces the efficiency of metabolism. Never eat your meal in a hurry and eat your meal slowly.

12. Drink at least 8 glass of water a day

Drink at least 8 glass of water a day. Water not only protects your body from dehydration but also dissolve the extra fatness to keep the body slim and fit. It's shocking many people never drink water as it is a vital part to burning excessive body fat & fast weight loss. Human bodies are made up of 55-75% water that is why water is very necessary in our regular & ideal weight loss diet. Water adjusts our body temperature and supplies vital nutrients to travel in the tissues & organs. Water helps to removes dangerous toxins & waste from our body naturally.

Nowadays, many people prefers canned drinks, beverages, sodas, preserved energy drinks, cold drinks etc when they are thirsty, but they actually should be consuming water, the natural & most healthiest drink on the earth. Reduce intake of soft drinks, sugary drinks, sodas, canned drinks and replace these unhealthy drinks with water.



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