Now days chewing gums are filled with toxic chemicals, artificial unhygienic colors, flavors and unhealthy sweeteners. Even though some dentists' claims that chewing sugar-free gum can prevent and reduce plaque and cavities, but there are so many reasons to avoid this bad habit.

Chewing Gum is full of toxic Chemicals, synthetic ingredients and Artificial Sweeteners.

Common ingredients of Chewing gums are…

•Oils made from sheep’s wool generate a substance called lanolin.
•synthetic polymers and latex
•aspartame- linked to cancer, neurological disorders, birth defects, diabetes and tinnitus.
•neurotoxic sweeteners
•high fructose corn syrup- can lead obesity, diabetes, cancer
• synthetic substances.
• styrene rubber
• Isobutylene-isoprene co-polymer (butyl rubber)
• paraffin
• Artificial and 'Natural' Flavoring
• (synthetic) petroleum wax,
• Acesulfame Potassium
• Aspartame
• polyethylene, polyvinyl acetate
• Calcium Pep tone, calcium Phosphate
• plasticizing materials (softeners)
• glycerol ester of dimerized rosin
• Titanium Dioxide (so cancerous that external skin contact is enough)
• moderately hydrogenated wood rosin or gum.
• Rice bran wax
• stearic acid
• sodium and potassium stearates,
• synthetic and natural terpene resins
• Salts of carrageenan
• Gellan gum


Chewing gum utilizes valuable digestive enzymes

It is not well known that the amount of digestive enzymes your body can produce in a given lifetime is relatively limited. Chewing motivates the discharge of digestive enzymes to get ready for food that never enter in the stomach. It utilizes our precious digestive enzyme stock of these valuable, live proteins on the worthless activity of chewing gum.

If you chew gum often between your meals, it is very possible that you are consuming your digestive enzyme reserves, so when next time you eat your meal; you won’t have sufficient digestive enzymes to fully digest your meal. It is conceivable then, that frequent gum chewing gum can provide the perfect backdrop for the growth of digestive disorder over time.

If you are already suffering from digestive difficulties of any kind, gum chewing must be avoided.Chewing Gum supports to the growth of TMJ syndrome and other Jaw disorders or problems.

Mercury threat

Perhaps the most significant reason to give up chewing gum is that it generates mercury from dental fillings. People with dental silver fillings who chew gum for more than 5 hours daily had considerably higher levels of mercury in the blood and urine than other people with silver fillings.


Pregnancy period

Pregnant women who have silver fillings, chewing gum can be harmful to the fetus. So many pregnant women chew gum to help reduce heartburn and indigestion.

Harmful ingredients to young children.

1. Liquorice flavoring can cause high blood pressure.
2. Cinnamon flavoring can lead to mouth sores.
3. Sorbitol, the sugar-free sweetener, has been linked to diarrhea. 



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