Herbal Remedies for Weight Gain!

Do you need to put on some weight to look confident, or simply to get that perfect chubby look? While there are numerous supplements in the market that might be of some help, they have no real benefits when compared to smart food and lifestyle choices, which are a healthier option in the long run. Also here are some suggested herbal remedies to gain weight in a healthier way without any side effects! 
Find in this article some time-tested and effective herbal home remedies to gain weight and look confident!

Herbal Remedies for Weight Gain
  • Pound dry ashwagandha roots and take 1-2 tsp of this powder twice daily with milk.
  • Consuming musk melon thrice daily for a month is effective for those who want to put on weight.
  • Eating banana thrice daily followed by a glass of milk is said to treat thinness. Having a glass of banana shake is also beneficial in weight gain.
  • Dessert (Halwa) prepared from almonds can be taken thrice daily.
  • Another helpful remedy is to boil almonds, date palm and anjeer in milk and drink it daily for a month or two.
  • Eating about 25 to 30g of raisins daily is another known remedy for weight gain.
  • Soak about 3 to 4 figs overnight and consume it next morning with milk.
  • Take 3-5 g powdered asparagus mixed in a tsp of ghee twice daily with milk.
  • Prepare mango shake in milk and consume a ripe mango followed by a glass of milk for weight gain.
Those who are underweight must eat frequent small meals. Consuming calorie rich diet would be certainly helpful. Indulge in food that are low in fat and high in calories and nutrition such as seeds, nuts, nut butters, starchy vegetables, low-fat dairy products, egg, beans and whole grains. Increase the intake of milk and milk products, clarified butter and sweet foods. 

Regular body massage with coconut oil in summer and mustard or sesame oil in winters is advised for those who are underweight.Follow any form of exercise such as brisk walk, swimming or other outdoor sports to stay active and improve appetite. Yogasanas such as sarvangasana, Halaasana, Matasyaastana are also recommended for weight gain.

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